Romantic people still write postcards, by Luciana Carlucci

Close your eyes. Try to imagine a world without any social media interactions. How can you keep in touch with that special friend who lives abroad?

Thorsten is to me that special friend. Now he lives in Germany and we are trying to recreate the pre-web world by sending each other postcards. No doubt this is one of the most exciting things I have experienced so far. We use postcards to speak mainly about poetry and other sorts of feelings.

Thorsten is older than I am and he is really cultivated and full of artistic interests. For this reason, I consider him as a kind of mentor. His creativity often inspires mine. He unexpectedly started this correspondence in September 2016. As Thorsten is very into Japanese culture, he began to send me some instructions on the oriental poetic form of the haiku. He thinks this might match my sensibilities and is convinced that this poetic sharing will make us grow in a spiritual sense. I agree.

When I received the first post card, I was really thrilled. I love writing by hand. Things written on a piece of paper are to me a great gift both to give and to receive. So I wrote back and eventually this practice became a habit.

So, why can’t we speak about these things on Facebook (we both have a Facebook account)? Well, there is something romantic in this vintage attitude. It has nothing to do with the mechanical and fast-paced world we live in today. The postcard universe is slower. It allows its inhabitants to take their time to reflect.

I still write postcards because it makes me feel better. I really enjoy the pleasure of this old-fashioned practice, not only because of the pleasure of handwriting, but also because of the sense of waiting and surprise attached to it.

Was I convincing enough? Now, it is your turn. Breathe. Close your eyes and start this surprising experience with your distant friend. You will not regret it.


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