About Us

This is Keep Me POSTEd.

We’re a group of Sapienza students with a great passion for words.
We have decided to create a new space to share ideas, fun facts and personal experiences.

This blog is the ultimate evolution of MiraMag and Student Republic of Sapienza, magazines created by Sapienza students like us in previous years.

At KeepMePOSTEd we are trying to create a sense of community among people who share our interest in words, so that we can all express ourselves to a wider audience, benefitting from the possibilities offered by the Internet.

We would like our blog to be accessible to people from all around the world. We are happy to share the articles and compositions in which we post-graduate Modern Language students cover various topics and issues each week.

We truly hope you’ll enjoy our project!

Thanks for your time.

Current editors (October 2017-): Art editor: Ilaria Gioffré; Articles: Silvia Chiusi, Luca Ciccolini, Francesca Forlini and Bogna Kruk.

Past editors (March-May 2017): Marianna Abbate, Asra Abdalla Abuzaid, Rossana Bianco, Giulia Bucca, Ludovica Casarino, Anna Contrafatto, Lucia Dino Guida, Ashkan Kiani